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Play Date photo Play Date photo

Puppy Play Dates

Here to Socialise!

Nowadays we all realise how influential early puppy socialisation and environmental conditioning is, in relation to our puppy’s future behaviour.

We also know, that this is a time-sensitive task. In order for our puppy to benefit most; the bulk of our socialisation efforts, need to happen before our puppy is 12 weeks old. However,… what if your puppy has not had all of his/hers vaccinations yet?

If you live on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, you now have the opportunity to sensibly, and safely, socialise your young puppy in a fun learning environment:
Our weekly puppy play dates - every Sunday at 2:00 pm - in Crows Nest.

Who - When - Where


Your puppy is aged between 10 and 24 weeks - all breeds welcome!
Your puppy has - at minimum - had his or her 1st vaccination against Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus (C3), at least 1 week prior to attending puppy play date.

Max. 6 puppies per playgroup.*
Max. 2 people per puppy.*


Every Sunday from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Crows Nest (NSW) - Alexander Lane entrance of Paw Republic.

Please check your booking confirmation email for details about:
Parking, Access, What to bring, Who can come, What if puppy is sick, Rescheduling and Cancellations.

* Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions.


The Mindful Dog Student & Graduates:
This service is FREE of charge for our puppy school students and graduates. Puppy play dates are included in your PUPPY I class enrolment. Please check your confirmation email for your redeem code.

Single session: $20.00 for 1 hour
Multi-Pass 5-pack at 20% discount: $80.00 for 5 x 1 hour

Bonus: Collectible Training Game Cards
You will receive 1 training game card per attended session (digital file, .pdf).
Attend 10 puppy play dates to complete your game cards collection.

Bookings & Enquiries

Option 1: Book your puppy's spot using our online form.

Option 2: call 0423 623 302
or email us at

Upcoming dates: PUPPY PLAY DATES Schedule

Play Date Learnings

What You Will Learn

During the 1 hour puppy play date session you will learn:

  • How to interpret dog body language.
  • How to socialise your puppy safely and effectively.
  • How to teach your puppy polite greeting manners and fair play.
  • How to teach your puppy real life skills with fun training games.
  • How to distinguish fair play from inappropriate interactions.
  • When and how to intervene during play.


What To Bring

  • For non-students: Bring a copy of your puppy’s vaccination certificate. Upon arrival for your first session, you will be requested to present this, before being allowed to enter the play area. vaccination certificate = No entry to the play area.
  • You can bring your puppy’s regular, flat collar, nylon leash, harness etc. However, for safety reasons, and to prevent damage, you will need to remove these items before play can start.
  • Your puppy's favourite soft treats (tiny pieces), in a training pouch.
  • Your puppy's poo bags.

Puppy Play Dates

What To Expect

Safe and sensible early puppy socialisation does not occur by simply exposing your puppy to novelty and new experiences. Nor will it occur, if you allow your puppy to run amok during a free-for-all puppy party or at the local “dog park” (not a safe place for puppies!!!).

Nope. Do not expect that kind of puppy playgroup at The Mindful Dog. Actively and sensibly socialising your puppy, requires a very different approach. You don’t want to raise your puppy to be totally obsessed with people and other dogs… You don’t want your puppy to practice being so distracted, so puppy learns to completely ignore you in these challenging environments.

Stimulating, not over-stimulating.
Challenging, not frustrating.
Fun, not frantic.
Manage to prevent hyper-social behaviour.
Manage to prevent fear, frustration and reactive behaviour.

Puppy Play Date photo
Puppy play date photo

We show you how to actively teach your puppy to make sense of the world. How to capture and shape your puppy’s perception of any given situation. Threat? Opportunity? Irrelevant… Teach your puppy to make good choices.

During this one hour, “Play & Train” session, we provide your young puppy with ample opportunity to explore novelty (toys, tunnels, ball pit etc.), to gain real life skills and confidence.

You will learn to pay close attention to your puppy during their explorations and play, in order to decipher dog body language and preempt puppy mishaps. Both yourself and your puppy will learn what appropriate - mutual consenting - dog-dog play looks like. And, you will also learn when and how to intervene, when necessary.

By experiencing different “dog cultures” (strange appearance, breed traits, personality types, play styles), you and your puppy will learn to interpret various dog body language “dialects”, as it were. Your puppy will expand his or her play repertoire, and be more adaptable, flexible and mindful during play.

Your puppy will develop a better sense of which dogs would make great playmates, and how to solicit play appropriately.
And, most importantly, your puppy will learn how to politely - if at all… - greet unfamiliar dogs. Which dogs are best avoided - in order to stay safe?

During the first half hour, we split the play space in two:

  • younger, smaller and more timid puppies on the one side
  • older, larger and more energetic puppies on the other side
At the start of the second half hour, we remove the barrier…
And now, the most valuable learning happens:
  • Who can I play with?
  • I mean, who should I play with… and who should I respectfully leave alone.
  • How do I ask another puppy to play?
  • How do I let that other puppy know I am not interested in playing.
  • How do I let my person know I am not comfortable with this?
  • What can my person do to help me out? Etc.

All breeds are welcome!
Puppies aged 10 to 24 weeks.
Under your watchful eye.
In a safe and controlled environment.
In a space designed for dogs to play and learn.
Supervised and coached by your certified dog trainer.

Will you join us?


Training Games

Collect The Training Game Cards

What is the most effective and fun way for puppy to learn? Play training games with your puppy!

Every week, we will introduce you and your puppy to a new training game.

These games are specifically designed, to teach your puppy key concepts and life skills, such as:
optimism, real confidence, proximity value, self-control, boundaries, thinking in arousal, focussed attention, disengagement and much more.

We would love to teach you and your puppy our favourite, top 10 training games.

If you can join us for 10 puppy play dates, you can collect all 10 training game cards! Each game card has step-by-step instructions on how to play and progress. So you can continue to practice with your puppy, and master these broad skills for real life situations.

Are you game?

Training Game Card Training Game Card Training Game Card