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Mindful Puppy School

Education for modern puppy parents.

Researching and planning for the arrival of your new puppy is such a fun and exciting experience…

However… As soon as your cute furry one arrives, you will be struck with a ton of questions. So the best way to set yourself and your puppy up for success is to educate yourself BEFORE your puppy arrives!

That is why our in-person Mindful Puppy School also includes an extensive PRE-CLASS Puppy Parenting course. You can start learning and receive support from a Certified Dog Professional, immediately after enrolment.

Our reputible Puppy School offers a well-structured puppy program, so you can learn to apply a consistent, effective, modern and mindful parenting approach. Well-prepared to prevent common problems, so you can fully enjoy your new puppy experience.

Class Availability & Secure Enrolment

Our Mindful Puppy School includes:

Extensive puppy parenting advice, puppy training resources and support options. Provided as part of our 4-week in-person Mindful Puppy School program.

Mindful Puppy Parenting Education - Pricing  
In-Person Classes + Course  
$ 500
A$ 275

  Mindful Puppy School (Indoors)

4 x 1 hour, in-person classes

Sundays: 12:00 or 1:00 pm

For puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks

Sensible Socialisation & Play
(Value: $50.00 / hour)

All puppies: minimum 1st vaccination (C3)

Small group: max. 8 puppies, max. 2 people / puppy

New Puppy Schedule Planner
(Value: $12.00)

Pre-Class Puppy Parenting Course: incl. step-by-step video lessons, downloads and puppy planner
(Value: $99.00)

Professional support: in class, via email and video call
(Value: $190.00 / hour)

Digital certificate upon Graduation

More Info

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Puppy Parenting  
$ 95
A$ 75

Puppy Parenting Q & A

Video Consultation (30 min.)

Get professional answers on the why and how, in order to resolve your puppy's specific behaviour challenges.

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New Puppy Consult
$ 190
A$ 125

Private Coaching Consultation

Video Consultation (60 min.)

Digital Training Downloads

Access for 1 year to video lessons relevant to your consultation, e.g.:
- toilet training
- puppy biting
- puppy socialisation
- separation anxiety
- come when called
- loose leash walking
- jumping
- barking

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In-Person Puppy Parenting Classes

For puppies aged between 8 and 16 weeks.


Your puppy is between 8 and 16 weeks old at the start of the 4-week program.

Your puppy needs to be up-to-date with their vaccinations , and the minimum requirement for your puppy to be able to attend in-person classes, is that your puppy has at least had their first vaccination (C3).

Please bring a copy of your puppy's vaccination certificate at the start of your first class (this can be a screenshot on your phone). On your first visit, your puppy's vaccination certificate must be sighted by your instructor before you can enter the classroom.

When & Where

Our 4-week in-person puppy parenting classes are run in Crows Nest (Sydney's Lower North Shore) on Sundays.

Class Schedule:
12:00 pm on Sundays
1:00 pm on Sundays

Duration per class session: 1 hour

Puppy School Location: 47 Alexander Lane, Crows Nest, NSW 2065 - laneway entrance in garage (directions).

Upon enrolment, you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details regarding your 4-Week Mindful Puppy School program. Enrol now!

Don't delay. Enrol today!
Our in-person puppy parenting classes can book out weeks in advance.

What To Bring

  • A copy of your puppy's
    VACCINATION CERTIFICATE. (Present prior to entering the classroom, or email us a copy in advance.)
  • For training: always use a regular, flat buckle collar; and a regular, flat fabric leash (120 - 180 cm).
  • Your puppy's favourite soft treats (pinkie nail size pieces), in a treat pouch.
  • Your puppy's favourite chew and tug toys.
  • Your puppy's water bowl.
  • A blanket, mat or towel for puppy to settle on.
  • Puppy has had a toilet break.
  • Your puppy's doggy poo bags.

Puppy class group photo
Puppy class trainer photo
Puppy class come-when-called topic photo
4-week Mindful Puppy Parenting Classes

Puppy School Curriculum: Week-by-Week Overview

Please note that weekly activities may vary, depending on group dynamics or urgent needs (e.g. a fearful puppy might require more individual attention during class).




Puppy Parenting Essentials - Pre-Class Online Course

  • Who is your puppy?
  • How do puppies learn?
  • How to support your puppy to feel safe and relaxed enough to self-settle.
  • How to help your puppy make sense of what they notice in their environment.
  • How to manage your puppy's environment to prevent mistakes.
  • How to develop your puppy's confidence and emotional self-regulation.
  • How to practise safe and sensible puppy socialisation at home and in the community.
  • How to develop your puppy's independence and prepare for separation success.
  • How to fast-track puppy toilet training with minimal mess and no stress.
  • How to teach your puppy to be careful with their teeth.




Teaching "Come When Called" & Developing Confidence

  • "I feel safe and confident. I can choose to be calm and quiet."
  • "Whenever you use my recall cue, I run to you."
  • "I love to play Hide & Seek with you."
  • Sensible Socialisation, Puppy Play, Dog Body Language.
  • Q&A




Teaching "Loose Leash Walking" & Developing Focus

  • "Show me what to do, and I will follow you."
  • "Paying attention to you, is the best!"
  • Loose leash walking and leash handling best practice.
  • Sensible Socialisation, Puppy Play, Dog Body Language.
  • Q&A




"Dealing With Distractions" & Developing Self-Regulation

  • Can you "Leave it"?
  • Loose Leash Walking Challenge: Can you walk passed other puppies?
  • Come When Called Challenge: Can you "Come" away from puppy play?
  • Sensible Socialisation, Puppy Play, Dog Body Language.
  • Q&A




"Separation Success" & Developing Independence

  • Can you "Stay"?
  • Can you self-regulate and relax in new situations?
  • How to progress your puppy's ability to feel safe and relaxed when alone.
  • Sensible Socialisation, Puppy Play, Dog Body Language.
  • Graduation



Not ready to commit to Puppy School yet?

Check out our New Puppy Training Schedule Planner. This workbook template is a handy guide to creating your flexible puppy training day plan. It focuses on the puppy priorities during the first 4 weeks of your new puppy parenting life.

Image of Puppy Training Day Planner PDF document
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